Employees Must Wash Hands


wet, wash, rinse, dry, gloves


Wash your hands before you prepare food or as often as needed.

Wash after you:

  • use the toilet
  • touch uncooked meat, poultry, fish or eggs or other potentially hazardous foods
  • interrupt working with food (such as answering the phone, opening a door or drawer)
  • eat, smoke or chew gum
  • touch soiled plates, utensils or equipment
  • take out trash
  • touch your nose, mouth, or any part of your body
  • sneeze or cough

Do not touch ready-to-eat foods with your bare hands.

Use gloves, tongs, deli tissue or other serving utensils.
Remove all jewelry, nail polish or false nails unless you wear gloves.

Wear gloves

when you have a cut or sore on your hand
when you can't remove your jewelry

If you wear gloves:

  • wash your hands before you put on new gloves

Change them:

  • as often as you wash your hands
  • when they are torn or soiled